We were located between 2006 and 2012 by different names in the business. Our company that was named “Sistanbul Consulting Services – Import / Export”, started at the end of 2012, and consulting services as well as food production and sales activities.
We began to product Olive and Olive Oil at December 2012 on Burhaniye – Balıkesir for the export. Our company store where we sale the products of remaining from export, is at Kuzguncuk – İstanbul.
We usually export olive oil to Russia, China, and Finland.
We paused to work about consulting services for new production and sale of Food especially olive and olive oil since the beginning 2013. We started again since the second of 2014. We provide Feasibility studies, intellectual and product, organization – reorganization, management consulting – administrative consulting, product development, marketing – sales, TQMS, IT consultancy and technical support services.